Our services pricing depends on the size,types of condiments(carving,walls,add-ons(veranda).A basic medium joglo of 8x 9.50 mtrs with no carving,walls,or add-ons,other than the cleaning and repairs we make to the original structure to make a sound joglo will start around rp.150juta($1300) and up.Usually we find the buildings in teak wood,but nangka joglos can be found but are more rare in good condition.

CONDIMENTS: Carving is rp.21.500 to rp.34.500 per deci meter2($2.20 to $3.60).Very professionally carvedĀ  with Jogja style motifs. Prices vary here because of quality and size of detail.

Walls(gibyok)rp.6juta($620-)per section,uncarved w/door and window.3 sections per side.

from teak and nangka wood,all salvaged old wood.

Walls Halus. rp.9juta($930-)++ per section w/carving and detailing,also with door and windows.Same 3 sections per side. Of course these can vary according to the extent of carving and decoration.

Walls with modern concept using glass can also be requested.All concepts can be discuss for clients satisfaction.